Well, Gina was painted today and the paint refused, point blank, to dry. Outside the rain was pouring down and the atmosphere in the workshop was just too damp for drying. I even wafted the hot air heater in Gina’s direction, but she sat there sulking and damp, so I ignored her and called it a day. I’d hoped to get her waxed tomorrow, but if the weather’s as rotten as today, I’ll perhaps wait until there’s an improvement.

From a damp, sulking sideboard, and just for a change, I then went to the paddock to collect a damp, sulking horse:

Just in case hubby didn’t quite get the “I’m really cheesed off” look, Jasper got a lot closer to reiterate his state of depression:

I did point out to Jasper that he was a native breed of horse, made for our somewhat grotty climate; he nipped me, so I dropped the subject forthwith. A large dinner and a change of rug later, he’s tucked up in his stable, looking slightly more convivial.

The paddock is stood in water this evening, and if the weather forecast is correct, there’s more to come: