Gina the sideboard is finished, sort of. All that remains is a decent set of photographs, but (as you will see by the workshop pics) the weather is too wet and dull. I snapped the pics below mid-afternoon and it was really dark! I shouldn’t moan, some areas of the country have got it far worse than Lincolnshire.

As you can (just) see, the carved detail has been lightly distressed to enhance all the fancy bits. I added a smudge or two of gold here and there. The paintwork will have a light buff, but it was too damp for that today.

I’m not too sure what’s up for refurbishment next? I’ve a very lovely, antique pine chest of drawers, but Big Bertha (a huge chest of drawers that I blogged about a couple of weeks back) is also waiting in the wings. In the meantime, I’ve a mountain of small orders to fulfil and I also need to do some more work to the new pink designs for the latest set of knobs.

I still haven’t tried the Wooster Silver Tip paintbrush; at 2.5″, it was too wide for Gina’s paintwork, but it will no doubt be given a test run on some big items in the coming weeks. I’ll let you know whether it lives up to its reputation.