Fed up with writing my address on the backs of packages, I’ve decided to invest in a rubber stamp, to make the job quicker and more legible professional. I contacted a company that make stamps to specification and asked if they could do me a horse with a barrister’s wig. Yes they could – except I’d have to supply the artwork. So tonight I’m going to have a doodle and see what I can come up with.

I looked at some off the shelf stamps with horses on them, but they were slim, thoroughbred types that didn’t look like Jasper. He’d never forgive me if I didn’t show his muscled neck, so I’m hoping to do him justice with a nice chunky profile.

It will be a few weeks before the stamp is sent to me, but I’m already like a child at Christmas and can’t wait to stamp the backs of packages with the new logo.

On a less enthusiastic note, I bought a new tower/base unit/hard drive/’thingy’ a few weeks back. I really ought to get around to installing it… sometime… soon… ish. Something tells me that I’ll make a hash of it and be days without internet and email, so I’ve left it and left it, but I really do need to upgrade. My computer is about 9 years old and techie things have moved on so much since 2003. I’ll be able to store more photographs and have promised myself Photoshop, but my current hard drive hasn’t enough memory for it, so I really did ought to swap, sometime, soon… ish…