I have so many pending and unfinished projects, that it’s getting ridiculous. The last few week have been exceptionally busy and just as I think I’m getting boss-side of everything, more work comes in.

I’m not moaning… no, no, no. August was a slow month for me and I work best with the momentum that goes hand in hand with a steady stream of work. I stress when things are quiet, so busy is good.

But I’m feeling just slightly snowed under at the moment and would like a clear day to get some odds and ends tied up. The new pink knobs need scanning and re-sizing, before I make a full sample batch. Then there’s the signs that I planned way back in the Spring, not to mention the troublesome armoire, which is still being ignored at the back of the paint shack and a table runner tutorial that hasn’t been photographed. The list goes on…

Last year, business was slow around Christmas, so maybe all the odds and ends will be tied up then. In the meantime, I’m burning the midnight oil. Jasper is merrily munching his way through a mountain of food, and peeing his way through a ton of shavings, so it’s just as well that work’s busy – it’s an expensive business keeping a barrister’s horse:-)