I’ve spent the past few days working on the artworks that I did for the latest sets of knobs. Some of the originals had to be tweaked because they just didn’t look quite right in miniature.

There are three (unfinished) sample sets that I’ve put together, and now I need to decide which of them to go with:

Shabby Paris knobs

Shabby Paris knobs

There are subtle differences to the backgrounds, which don’t really show up too well on the photograph.

Madame Fifi has made an appearance. I drew her quite a few months back, when she had droopy breasts. Thankfully a rigid exercise regime (and a discreet visit to Paris’s most notable cosmetic surgeon, Monsieur Booblay), has rectified the problem and Madame Fifi is pert and back modelling Mademoiselle Giselle’s latest fashion creations.

Mademoiselle Giselle is also present, along with her poodle ‘Pierre’, who’s just a tad camp (he’s taken to dying his hair pink and insists on carrying a matching bag around with him):

Mademoiselle Giselle's poodle

Mademoiselle Giselle’s poodle

There are also a few of Mlle Giselle’s fashion designs, not least a frilly frock and some undies:

Girly design for cupboard knobs

Girly design for cupboard knobs

I also miniaturised the pink rose that I painted a few weeks back:

hand painted rose

hand painted rose

And there you were thinking that they were just another set of knobs:-) Every picture tells a story.

Coffee and cake I think:-)