There are some lovely blogs out there, with lovely photographs, of lovely houses and lovely painted furniture, with lovely coordinated soft furnishings; yes it’s all just, well, lovely. The blog owners proudly display their show house homes, that are immaculate, considered and tasteful. Not a cushion out of place; in fact the cushions all have the karate chop in the middle and are placed perfectly upon immaculate ivory upholstery. Oh it’s all so lovely. How they must drift from room to room, in floaty white frocks, gazing upon the domestic bliss-ness of it all.

And then there’s Barrister’s Horse Towers (stop the dreamy music). Sorry to disappoint and all that, but the best I can offer is a kitchen with cupboards that were painted, oh, about ten years ago, maybe a little longer:

december 002

What, you’re not drooling yet! Doesn’t the drizzle of left over de-greaser (in preparation for painting) float yer boat? How bizarre.

Well maybe this will make you green with envy:

december 001

No? Are you sure? The chippiness is genuine, authentic, shabby vintage don’t yer know! Can’t really say I’m surprised that you’re not drooling.

I did make a start on re-painting my kitchen cabinets quite a while back. I painted two of them and decided that the colour was wrong. My kitchen is small and badly put together. There are doors on three of the small walls and a window on the fourth, so nothing really flows, because there are no long stretches to work with. It’s also north facing and dark. Tbh, my kitchen has bugger all going for it (apart from the kettle, which is just fantastic).  Annie Sloan ‘duck egg blue’ seemed like a good idea at the time, but didn’t look right on the cabinets. It made the room too cold. So after two cabinets, I called it a day and just forgot, or rather tried to forget, the dated and scruffy cabinets. Until today.

My cooker is ancient and on its last legs. It’s had running repairs over the years, but is now beyond all that. So I’ve just bought a new one (it was either that or turkey pot noodle for Christmas dinner:-)). The new cooker is a reject, mini-range, with a bit of cosmetic damage and it’s cream. There’s not much point putting a new cooker into the dark hole of Calcutta, so I have got to re-paint those cabinets. In all fairness, my kitchen gets some hammer. I work from home, so the kitchen gets used a lot and in Winter it sometimes doubles up as a temporary painting room, when the weather is just too cold for the workshop or shack. I can’t remember the names of the colours that I originally used on the cabinets,  but they were part of a seaside range by Dulux. I suppose they’ve done quite well really; ten years is a long time, but nevertheless I’m deeply ashamed of my kitchen, which is why I’ve posted it on here. Now I’ve got to do something about it, or live the rest of my life with you lot sniggering.

The colours are being worked around the new cream cooker, so I’m thinking Autentico ‘Cappuccino’, with another, paler colour, probably ‘Linen’. And perhaps some of my black knobs will add a little contrast and drama – I’m thinking the clock faces will look cool.

So, now I really have got to burn the midnight oil and get those cabinets sorted, and it will be nice to have four rings to cook on instead of two. Just don’t expect a karate chopped cushion and me in a floaty white dress:-)