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I was working with my husband today; he was helping out paint knobs.

“Can you stop that” said hubby

“What?” I replied

“Breathing” he said


“Can you stop breathing like that”

“What?” said I (yes, you can see why I’m a barrister – I’ve a way with words:-))

“You’re doing a little huff and it’s irritating” he said


“At the end of each breath, you’re doing a little huff”

I said nothing.

A little later, I decided to make a start on the kitchen cupboards. All was going okay, until hubby waded in to help. He stepped back off the step ladders and knocked me flying, then trod on the back of my leg whilst I was knelt down painting.

No bloody wonder I do little huffs!

Anyway, domestic bliss aside, here’s a pic after the first coats of Autentico Vintage ‘Cappuccino’, with ‘Linen’ on the plinth and edges:

december 006

The photo is dark, because using my flash gives too much glare, nevertheless I’m sure you can see that they look quite awful, but trust me, it’ll be just fine.

I hope to get it all finished by the weekend, but with just the odd bit of time here and there, it might be pushing things (there are 14 cabinets to do, plus 4 drawers). I’m leaving the old knobs in place whilst painting because the cupboards haven’t been emptied – there’s nowhere to put everything. Come to think of it, I can think of one place where I could quite cheerfully stuff the contents of my kitchen cabinets. Can you guess where? 😉