Alas, my dear readers, I have some sad news that I shall attempt to break to you gently.

I’ve had a couple of trusty friends that have stuck by me through thick and thin (okay, mostly thick, I’m seldom thin) these past few years. But that friendship has worn thin of late. I’ve tried my best to hang onto the friendship, but it seems that all good things come to an end and, well, things have become a little uncomfortable of late.

We’ve been friends for about 5 years now, and each of us has more wrinkles and have acquired a (trendy) time-worn look (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it). I’d like to just say a few words to my friends; please bear with me, I can get a bit gushy when emotional.

Painting just won’t be the same without you, we’ve worked so closely, side by side and I will think of you often and how much I relied on you. But lately, although it pains me to say this, you have become fair weather friends and I want and need more than that. I’m sorry to air our differences publicly, but just couldn’t face up to telling you directly. I hope you understand”

In honour of our intimate relationship, below is a picture of my dear friends:



december 016

Shed a tear in honour of my comfy, steel toecap,  painting boots; I love them dearly. But alas, I’m sick of having wet feet from the holes in the sides, so new ones are on their way, along with a few blisters no doubt:-)

Onto something more sensible(ish). The kitchen is getting there slowly; two more cupboards are painted. Hubby went all the way to Chester to pick up the new cooker and it’s now in place. I can’t believe this, but I cried when we lifted it in. Hubby thought I didn’t like it and stood completely bewildered and embarrassed and concerned.

It’s the first biggish spend I’ve made on ‘us’ for quite some time. Money was pumped into my legal education for 8 years and then into the business as I acquired materials and the paint shed and built up stocks of furniture to refurbish. For quite some time, I was the sole bread winner, whilst my father-in-law was ill, and times were very bleak and money was scarce. A fledgling business had to provide and I worked long, long hours to bring money in (but loved it all the same). We’ve limped along with a knackered cooker for over a year and last year, I had to cook Christmas dinner in stages because we’d only two rings and a small top oven that worked. We ate dinner at a barley twist table, which was refurbished the following week:-)

It felt strange and self indulgent to be buying something just for us:

december 015

Ironically, my dad sent down some home made tomato soup, which just needed warming in the pan. My new cooker was broken in very gently:-)