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I hot footed it off to the Newark Antiques Fair today – it’s the biggest in Europe and listed in the 1000 Places To See Before You Die. You name it, it’s there. From fine antiques, restored to perfection, through to bric-a-brac, there’s something for everyone at the fair:

newark fair

Luckily, my hubby had the van today, so I couldn’t do any buying, which is just as well because there were some nice things for sale. I stood gawping at a fancy red sofa for quite a long time, and a vintage garden clock really took my fancy. “Put one foot in front of the other and move, RIGHT NOW!” I thought to myself, as the merits of having a garden clock were pondered upon. I’ve never had a garden clock, never felt deprived for not having a garden clock, in fact I’d never heard of a garden clock until today. I glance at the clock in a morning to see whether it’s 9am (that’s when most of the traffic has gone and when I take Jasper to the paddock); apart from that, I seldom look at the clock and don’t often wear a watch. But I’m stood on a freezing cold, wet and windy, former airfield, drooling over a 7ft garden clock and weighing up whether the police would stop me for having one hanging several feet out a car window. I decided that they probably would and somehow managed to force myself to walk away (er… just the 3 times:-)).

I reminded myself of the original reason for visiting the fair and took myself off to the organiser’s office to discuss pricing for a pitch.

It looks as though I’ll be doing a few shows there next year. I’m not planning on taking much furniture, but will be selling the ‘bells and whistles’ that I produce. I’m already planning the layout of my stand and how everything will be displayed.