I’ve been working on a bureau this weekend. It’s not a new refurb, but a reconsideration of one I refurbished last month. It didn’t sell and there wasn’t the level of interest in it that I usually have with my bureaux, so I knew that I hadn’t got it right. I’d hoped to grab some photos today but the weather was too dull – maybe tomorrow?

My hope of getting the kitchen finished, was just a hope and only 7 of the cupboards are painted. I’m going to first coat a couple more this evening and just steadily work my way to the finish. The problem with painting for a living is that one’s own paint jobs have to take a back seat and by the time ‘proper’ work is finished, the desire to start again on my own ‘stuff’ has disappeared.

Jasper has a bird’s eye view of the kitchen from his stable and all the activity in said kitchen has caused pandemonium. He considers the ‘goodie cupboard’ to be his own, personal treasure trove of calorific delights, and each time I paint anything vaguely near the cupboard, he leans out the stable, grabs the neatly stacked forks, sweeping brushes and shovels, and tosses them across the yard. This is done whilst snorting loudly and kicking the stable door. Anyone who thinks heavy horses are all serene, placid, sugar and spice equines should meet my chap when he thinks someone’s scoffing one of ‘his’ doughnuts. The kitchen refurb is costing me a fortune in confectionery, bought to pacify a hot tempered, sweet toothed ‘os:-)