Firstly, I thought it a good idea to paint the kitchen – trade was bound to go quiet, except it didn’t and we’re only just finishing the varnishing of the chalk paint. I made a set of 18 knobs, all with different clock faces, then sold them to a customer. Rinse and repeat with customer number 2. I’m now varnishing the third set, along with some spares, just in case.

Secondly, because trade was bound to go quiet, it seemed like a good time to swap my computer over to the new base unit. Except I’ve been busier than usual and the new base unit crashed on me this morning when I was paying for postage online. I’ve now got a desk crammed with 2 computers.

Despite being new, the new base unit just loves updates; there were 96 on Thursday, 23 yesterday (or would have been had I not lost my temper and flicked the power off) and there have been a few so far today. My new computer is so up to date, it’s wearing skinny jeans and a pair of the latest Jimmy Choos.

Thirdly, my best idea of all was to leave it a little late before bringing Jasper in from the paddock on Thursday, by which time black ice had formed on the road and the school run was in full flow. Anyone who knows horses will know that they aren’t backwards at coming forwards when it comes to spotting an opportunity to get the upper hand and have a laugh. So, I’m taking mincing little steps (me on the road, Jasper on the grass verge), trying to keep upright, whilst Jasper is leaping about on the end of the lead rope, jogging, shaking his head around and generally behaving like a thug. There was only a bus full of school kids to witness the humiliation! Oh well, it’s not quite as bad as an episode earlier this year when I had to lead him past a wedding party, who were having drinks outside the village hall. I’ll leave you to guess what he decided to display to the wedding guests. How to make a groom feel inadequate!

I took His Lordship for his usual, weekend visit to church this morning. It’s the same ritual each weekend. He plants himself firmly on the church car park, scoffs grass for 20 minutes, then proceeds up to the graveyard wall. It’s then time to peer over the wall with eyes bulging, whilst snorting and blowing at the gravestones. He’s then quite happy to meander calmly through the village; his adrenaline fix sorted for the day.

No furniture refurbs on the go at the moment; the weather has been too cold. Maybe I’ll cram something in before Christmas?