I’ve gotten well and truly frazzled today; it’s been one of those days. Everything was carefully planned; a collection at 9am, followed by another collection at 11am, followed by doing something useful this afternoon, followed by taking parcels to the post office.

The 9am collection (which should have happened 10 days ago, then again last Saturday) happened at half 11 and the 11am collection happened at half 1, by which time, I was at the point of begging to be shot with neuralgia (yup, I don’t do pain very well).

Hubby decided to help out by varnishing two trays of knobs, with the wrong varnish. It would appear that my newly painted kitchen cupboards just aren’t meant to have new knobs – this is the fourth attempt.

Hubby took the parcels off to the Post Office this afternoon, only to be met with the Post Master throwing a strop. Apparently my 5 (very averagely sized) packet parcels were going to block the Post Office counter, so they were refused! Hubby had to drive to the main sorting office, to hand over a carrier bag with the parcels in it. Ridiculous. By the time he got back, I was sat on the kitchen floor with my face pressed against the towel on the radiator, hoping that the warmth would kill the pain. I think hubby thought I’d lost the plot and was perhaps reminded of an incident some years ago, when a family friend returned home to find his wife stuffed down the side of the bed, wrapped from head to toe in tin foil. Apparently, it was to protect her from cosmic rays:-)

Whilst hubby was off on a 20 mile round trip to post parcels, I rang the dentist’s to make an appointment (I think it’s an abscess brewing that’s causing the neuralgia), only to be told that I’d need to ‘upgrade’ to get an appointment, or would need to wait until after Christmas. Once I agreed to be legally robbed of my life savings, miraculously, I have an appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

On a brighter note, I’ve got my new Barrister’s Horse stamp and put it to good use on an artwork for the kitchen, goodie cupboard knob. Here he is, the ‘snob on a knob’

jasper label


I also stamped a load of envelopes and pretty much anything else I could put my hands on. I feel like an all powerful, ultra efficient librarian, let loose on a huge pile of overdue books:-)