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The kitchen is about done. The walls need a lick of paint, but it’s not a big job because the cupboards take up most the space in the small area:

december 16 079


One of the cupboard doors had just been wiped, hence the marks.

I used some of my clock knobs to add a touch of contrast to the Autentico ‘Cappuccino’ and ‘Linen’ paint:

december 16 067

And there’s also the bespoke ‘snob on a knob’, who is now at home on the goodie cupboard door:

december 16 071

I’m the first to admit that this hasn’t been a ‘careful’ refurb. I did no sanding, just a de-grease to the cupboards with some squirty from the 99p shop. The paint went on fine, but I had to be careful on the sides to the cupboards, which are made from shiny, laminated material – I left each coat 24 hours to ensure that it had some grab. The chalk paint was matt varnished to give a wipeable finish:

december 16 068

I’m hoping to have some different cupboards in the next year or two (probably some free standing units), so I couldn’t see the point in spending loads of time sanding and priming, a quick face lift was all I had in mind.

The pictures aren’t the best as it’s dark in my kitchen and today has been particularly gloomy:

december 16 073

Yesterday’s visit to the dentist proved to be expensive and unpleasant and I had to go back today for antibiotics as I had toothache with a raging temperature last night. Alas, despite always being a good girl in the teeth brushing department, I have gum disease. Can’t say it came as a shock, my teeth have always been sensitive and my gums have always bled easily. In the New Year, I’ve got to have some sort of deep cleaning treatment, to reach the gaps where my gums have retracted. Can’t wait:-( I just know it will set my teeth on edge for weeks.