Having sat in my underground shelter all day, with 1000 toilet rolls, 600 tins of soup, a tin hat, a wind up torch and a bumper crossword book, I appear to still be here. I went to the Post Office and it appears that everyone else is still here too, which is just as well because I didn’t want to waste money posting parcels to people who no longer exist. So, I’m either living in a parallel universe or the Mayan calendar is wrong:-)

I’m still out of sorts with the abscess, so have spent the day doing some legal research, rather than braving the cold. My goodness, am I rusty on law! Yesterday, I did brave the shocking weather and spent the day in Lincoln doing Christmas shopping. It was nice to get home, and a soggy Jasper was waiting at the paddock gate, more than ready for the comfort of the stable and his purple jim-jams. I bought him some old fashioned mint sweeties for Christmas from a little shop on The Steep.

It’s wonderful to just kick back a little, as things have been very busy lately.

Hopefully I’ll be back on track in the New Year and will have some juicy refurbs to tickle your fancy.