This time last week, the blackbirds in my garden were flirting and chirping and I heard the local woodpecker a few times, making that distinctive Springtime drilling sound. And I took this picture:


It looks a little different today:


I got cracking with packing orders this morning, as the weather forecast wasn’t good. Hubby has just gone off to the ‘local’ (5 miles away) Post Office; he may be gone some time!


I’ve now got to muck out the stable and inch my way home with Jasper, who always plays up when it’s icy:


I’d just gotten him off the road and onto the farm track this morning when he went down. I thought he was ill, so shouted hubby, who was on his way back home. It would appear that Jasper just fancied sitting down in the snow, as he got up, shook himself and glared at me for breaching the peace, then carried on shovelling snow out of the way with his nose, so he could scoff the grass beneath it.

Thank goodness that my ‘small stuff’ is keeping me busy, as I wouldn’t want to be prepping furniture in this weather. I have some new Eiffel Tower designs, which I finished yesterday, to go onto some knobs later today. But first, I really must brave the weather and get that stable mucked out.