It seems like only 5 minutes ago that I was sewing samples for the Christmas transfers, but here I am, making plans for a new set of samples for fabric transfers.  There’s a bit of cheating going on this time – I couldn’t face sewing 6 samples, so have bought a couple of tote bags and a spotty cushion cover, to ease the sewing burden a little. I’ll probably add some bits of trim or ribbon to the bought in items, just to convince myself that I can sew.

I’ve been looking at some ticking and toile stamped trim with one of the transfers, to see which I like best, but I can’t decide. Once the fabric transfer is on the calico fabric, I’ll be able to see which trim looks best:

fabric transfer, with hand stamped trim

fabric transfer, with hand stamped trim

I’ve really missed painting furniture for the past couple of days, so have plans to get a bureau painted in the kitchen over the next few days. It’s too cold to venture into the paint shack for long, but I do need to swing a paintbrush, so needs must and the warmth of the kitchen will do nicely as a temporary workshop.

My husband bought Jasper a packet of custard creams today (he loves em, but hasn’t had any for ages) and I’ve spent much of this evening too-ing and fro-ing to the stable, to feed biscuits to a very spoilt horse. Once every half an hour or so, Jasper’s eyes fix on me, and he taps the stable door to remind me that a treat is due. No wonder my feet are like ice! To keep things just a little sensible, I have alternated between goodies and the more healthy, horse treats. All donations are gratefully received by Jasper, but the carrots bring a glance of disapproval before being scoffed. The outside tap has frozen up, so I’m also having to carry buckets of water from the kitchen to the stable. Roll on Spring; it’s minus 5 and looks set to dip a bit lower.