I haven’t blogged for several days because everything’s a little bit samey. I’d expected a quiet spell after Christmas, but it’s been busy, so I’ve been burning the midnight oil getting orders fulfilled and posted. Some of the mayhem is my own doing, because I decided that the New Year would be a good time to introduce some new designs and I was too stubborn to put them aside for a few weeks. Mornings have been busy with packing orders, afternoons with getting new stock ready and the evenings just sort of carry on from the afternoon.

My sewing samples remain un-sewn and the bureau I’ve been working on isn’t finished because orders have taken priority. I have found time to get another batch of wooden knob samples on the go. They’re far from finished, but here’s what they look like so far:

cup cake wooden knobs

cup cake wooden knobs

Eager to embrace the goodie theme, I scoffed a huge lemon muffin in celebration of the new line and Jasper had some custard creams.

I’ve spent this evening working on new designs for some fabric transfers, which are ultra girly and ultra pretty. Hopefully I’ll find time to sew some samples of them this week… maybe?

This morning was a shock to the system, as we had a heavy fall of snow overnight. I breathed a sigh of relief once we’d gotten Jasper to the paddock; the road en route there was treacherous. There was no breeze to chill the air, so once Jasper was settled with a pile of hay to munch, it was nice to take a moment to savour the beauty of the virgin snow laden landscape. But February is fast approaching, so I’d like some sunshine please:-)