How very dare he?!!!

“That’s not a very good photo of Jasper” said hubby. “Makes his nose look big”

There was a pregnant pause, followed by blinking and a prickly “There’s no such thing as a bad photograph of Jasper; he’s gorgeous”. Followed by a theatrical swivel of my chair, as I swung back around to the computer. Followed by a frosty silence.

Hubby knows only too well, that the Unspoken Rule at Barrister’s Horse Towers, is simply that the Barrister’s Horse is perfect. He’s never ‘greedy’, just ‘hungry’. He’s never ‘grumpy’, just ‘a bit tired’. He’s never ‘naughty’, just full of ‘character’ or ‘feeling well’ (he ‘feels well’ quite often btw). So quite why my husband thought Jasper’s nose looked big, is quite beyond me;-)

I shall however, make sure that the next photograph of Jasper is even more ‘gorgeous’ than the previous:-)

My furniture painting diet is over; today I have been painting and here’s the proof:

Caution wet paint

Caution wet paint

It’s a bureau that’s being re-worked (aka one that didn’t sell). In keeping with the theme of this blog post, the bureau will be even more ‘gorgeous’ when I’ve finished:-)

Pics to follow…