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Hubby thinks he’s Lincolnshire’s answer to David Bailey (for you young uns, he’s a famous photographer). Having criticized my photography skills (Jasper with the ‘big nose’ pic) hubby decided to show me how it’s done and honed his awesome skills by taking a photograph of Jasper and I:


Don’t we make a lovely couple?

If you look closely, you can see 2 yellow eyes, which I think are Jasper’s and a shiny thing to the side, which I think is a part of me, but I’m not too sure which part, maybe the zip to my jacket? And he wonders why I don’t let him take pics of the furniture:-)

I’ve been working on the bureau this afternoon, which now has some of my knobs (fitted by hubby):


Not sure what hubby has done to the camera, but everything is now blurred. I wanted something ‘birdie’…:


… to match the inside of the bureau:


The waxing needs doing, and then it’s just a matter of grabbing some decent pics… once the weather picks up… so that’ll be about April then!

Bureau, painted in Autentico Vintage 'Nearly Black'

Bureau, painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Nearly Black’