I’m not really sure where the past week has gone, but it came and went at lightening speed. Work has been busier than usual for this time of year and the cold weather has made for a bit of a slog too. On top of my furniture work, I’ve also been doing some legal work too, so there’s been no rest for the wicked.

The very kind and accomplished Emma Kate over at ‘Painted Style’ (I’ll post a link in my next blog post) has nominated my blog for a Liebster Award (thank you Emma and apologies for my rudeness in not responding sooner)… I’ll post my innermost secrets next time, once I’ve thought up some answers that will make me sound interesting (all I can muster at the moment is windswept:-)).

I’m still hoping to crack on with some furniture painting, not least so I’ve something remotely interesting to blog about -varnishing knobs just doesn’t make for prime time blogging! The short listed items are a chair, a bureau, or a telephone seat.

Catch-up in a day or two.