I bought an oak telephone seat last year; you might remember it:

nov 139

it’s the one with the added lion’s tail embellishment:

nov 138

Then the weather turned cold and I got busy with my small stuff, so the seat stayed in the workshop over winter. Last weekend was pretty mild for February and I was feeling paintbrush withdrawal symptoms, so decided to get cracking. Strangely enough, I decided that the curtain tassel had to go, so gave it the chop:

lion telephone seat 003


I gave the table top a light sand by hand, just to see what the oak was like beneath all that stain:

lion telephone seat 002

It looked pretty good, so I sanded back fully:

lion telephone seat 004

I washed over some of the carved bits:

lion telephone seat 005

Not forgetting the lion:

lion telephone seat 006

Then did a straight forward paint job on the rest. This is after the first coat:

lion telephone seat 007

I used Annie Sloan ‘Old Ochre’, which is one of my old favourites:

lion telephone seat 009

Trust me, it looked fine when I’d finished!

I managed to finish the painting over the weekend, but forgot to get some pics. And now it’s very frustrating because the weather’s just too cold for waxing, so the telephone seat is on hold until the weather improves, or until I bring it indoors for the final procedure.

Pics of the finished item to follow…