The oak telephone seat was waxed yesterday and I grabbed some pictures of it today:

Oak telephone seat, painted in Annie Sloan 'Old Ochre'

Oak telephone seat, painted in Annie Sloan ‘Old Ochre’

lion telephone seat 019

lion telephone seat 024

I think it’s the first time I’ve used ‘Old Ochre’ on a telephone seat.

I’ve now got to decide what to refurbish next; there’s the retro bureau (seen on the left):

nov 139

or a chair:

French style chair

French style chair

The chair is one of a pair, but the other was painted and sold last year:

French style chair, painted in Annie Sloan 'Antoinette'

French style chair, painted in Annie Sloan ‘Antoinette’

I’m hoping to make some room in the paint shack, so that there’s more work space and less furniture. The armoire that I bought last year is still lurking at the back; I’ve decided to keep it. We had to swap the hinges and I’m not really happy with them, so armoire is probably going to be a posh knob storage cupboard (unless I can source some better fitting hinges).

I’m really enjoying painting furniture again; the break from it has done me good and re-charged my batteries. But first there’s the small matter of varnishing three trays of knobs, then grooming Jasper, who has optimistically decided that Spring is really here and is shedding his Winter coat by the bucket full. My clothes are all ‘mohair’ – everything is covered in white hairs, and the blackbirds have been nipping in and out of his stable all day, stuffing their beaks with fur to line their nests. It’s been a long Winter – roll on Spring.