Today has been a hit and miss day, but I suspected as much, so worked until late last night packing orders. I had a phone call from a neighbour at the weekend, warning that the Hunt were planning on being in the village this afternoon. My Neighbour’s horse was injured last year, when she took fright at the Hunt riding past, so my neighbour complained to the Hunt, who now call her if they’re planning on being in the area.

Jasper is frightened of the Hunt, so I headed off down to the paddock after lunch and had an hour or so ‘poo picking’ (collecting droppings off the field), whilst keeping a watchful eye over him. The predicted sunshine and warm(ish) weather didn’t materialise and it was cold and foggy. Jasper wasn’t much impressed with the weather and went and stood by the gate, asking to go walkabout. I walked him in hand for a while, then decided to head off home with him. By this time, the fog had lifted, so I decided to grab some photographs of a new set of knobs. Jasper didn’t think much to being excluded from the activity in the garden, so set about throwing all the (previously neatly stacked) tools outside his stable door. It’s just not on when the CEO of the company can’t interfere help with the photo shoot:

bicycle knobs 018

So there was some sulking:

bicycle knobs 001

The photos turned out okay, despite the distractions:

Pink bicycle knobs

Pink bicycle knobs

bicycle knobs 020

I thought the vintage bicycles (that I already do on natural wood), would look pretty on a pink painted knob.