It seems like months ago that I blogged about the signs I intended to make. Well okay, it was months ago… almost a year ago if you want to be precise.

Each time I did a bit of work towards the signs, my proper work got in the way of faffing experimenting and time just rolled past. But I’ve been working in the evenings, faffing and messing and getting it wrong, then wondering why I got it right, then getting it wrong again.

You know what it’s like; that vision in your mind’s eye, the one that won’t take ‘nearly’ as an answer. Mine was a vision of faded glory, of past opulence and excess revisited, reawakened and re-admired. The sign on the ‘ladies’ door of a 5* 1930’s hotel; the type of hotel where people dressed up in all their finery to go to dinner and to be seen. The in place. They drank cocktails and wore long dresses, with sparkling jewels around their wrists, that glistened when they waved their arms around in animated conversation.

The hotel is long gone and the building is now being renovated, it’s going to be flats. One of the builders spotted the sign, that had been tossed onto a pile of rubble. He quite liked the look of it, so took it home to hang on the bathroom wall.

That’s where I was coming from. Have I got it right? I’ve no idea, because only my customers know the answer to that question.

Anyway, here’s a peek at one of my designs in progress:


I hope you like it.