Sometimes being old has its benefits. Never mind the annoying grey non-brunette hairs, the aches and pains, wobbly bits, and bewilderment at technological gadgets and gizmos. Being old can be cool (or should ‘cool’ be ‘bad’?), because we know a lot of useless stuff.

Due to the awful weather, I’ve not been painting, because it’s just too cold. But I have been busy with some new designs. One of the designs is for a set of knobs I’m working on, bit by bit. I’d gotten to a sticking point, where I was rummaging around in the old brain, trying to think of a topic for a vintage advertisement.

A cheesey old song from the 70’s came to mind – Lily the Pink, by The Scaffold. It’s one of those peculiar, catchy, get-on-yer-nerves songs, that everyone knew the words to, but had no idea what the song was about:

And Jennifer Eckles, was covered in freckles,

and the boys all called her na-ha-hames.

And so they gave her Medicinal Compound…” 

The chorus went:

“We’ll drink a drink a drink, to Lily the Pinka Pinka Pink,

The saviour of, the human ra-ha-ace

For she invented, Medicinal Compound…”

‘Lily the Pink’ is/was in fact Lydia E Pinkham, an ex teacher from Massachusetts, who turned her hand to making a Medicinal Compound for ‘women’s troubles’. You know the disorders I’m alluding to – ‘nervous prostration‘ and ‘hysteria‘ to name but two. I’m sure we all suffer with those maladies each and every day??? 🙂

Strangely enough, Lily the Pink did rather well with her compound and I thought the very un-politically correct product and associated blurb would make a quirky topic for one of the new designs. It’s not quite finished yet, but I like it and it makes an amusing addition to the set.

Hopefully I’ll have some eye candy furniture on the go after Easter, when the weather warms up a little, but until then, it’s a matter of pushing on with the nuts and bolts of the design work whilst I’ve got the excuse opportunity to do so.