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It’s not quite what I’d had in mind a couple of years back, but nevertheless my legal knowledge has come in handy with my work.

Each area of law has certain famous cases that are the backbone to principles formed in that particular legal speciality. In Contract Law, one of the key cases is Carlill v Carbolic Smoke Ball Company. Mrs Carlill saw an advertisement for Carbolic Smoke Balls. The advert offered a large sum of money to anyone who contracted influenza whilst using one of their Smoke Balls. Yup, you’ve guessed it, Mrs Carlill bought a Smoke Ball, used it and got the flu, so she sued the company and won, despite the company’s claim that the offer of money was merely ‘sales puff’.

In honour of the case, I’ve made a Smoke Ball design that’s gone onto a new set of knobs:

Vintage Advertisement Knobs

Vintage Advertisement Knobs

Along with ‘Lily the Pink’.

I’m so glad that my EXPENSIVE legal education hasn’t gone to waste:-)