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I had a Furniture Painting Course last weekend, followed by a busy time at work this week, so I’m only just catching my breath.

I used a bedside cabinet as a demo piece for the first Furniture Painting Course this year. It was one of a pair and I painted it in Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’. A couple of my clock knobs were used to replace the original brass handles (which had seen better days):

Bedside Cabinet painted in Annie Sloan 'French Linen'

Bedside Cabinet painted in Annie Sloan ‘French Linen’

Clock Knobs

Clock Knobs

The second bedside cabinet came out of retirement last weekend for my second Furniture Painting Course. This one was painted in Annie Sloan ‘Country Grey’, with the addition of a couple of knobs from my Paris range:


Mademoiselle Giselle made an appearance; between you and me, she puts herself about a bit, so don’t be taken in by her haughty strut:-)


I’m planning on taking some time off in the near future and had hoped for a break this weekend, but the weather looks quite promising, so I might make a start on the retro bureau lurking at the back of the paint shack.

Jasper has come in from the paddock a different colour to when he went out this morning. We’ve had light rain and the moist ground was just perfect for a bit of rolling. His coat is just about dry enough for me to get to work with the brushes – I may be gone some time…