I’m working on some new designs at the moment. The vague idea came to me a few months back. Fairies. That was it. Fairies. I wanted some designs with fairies on them. I quite fancied doing a painting of  bluebells, because they are one of my favourite flowers. But that was just one design and I needed a few, and that’s where I came to a halt. I didn’t want the designs to be all flowers, but couldn’t think of what else would match. Inspiration is all well and good, but it helps if you can see the full picture, not just a tiny part of it.

So my ‘bright’ idea sat in my brain for a few weeks until I came across an old picture of some lovely toadstools. Of course, fairies and toadstools go together like coffee and cake; can’t think why the idea didn’t pop into my head before, but that’s just sometimes the way it goes.

So I had two ideas, bluebells and fairies, toadstools and fairies. Then I came across a really unusual picture of a tree house that looked more Harry Potter than Famous Five, so that image added to my collection of ideas. I need a fourth, but I’m not certain what it will be. I’d love to do a Jasper unicorn, but my artistic abilities don’t run to that and I just can’t see Jasper doing the decent thing and letting me take a photo of him with a papier mache horn stuck to his forehead. And there’s also the small matter of his waistline at the moment. I’ve been worrying about his weight for months. Despite eating me out of house and home, Jasper shook off a lot of weight during the Winter and looked a little too slim for my liking. However, the recent warm weather has brought a flush of Spring grass and he’s gone from slim to decidedly chubby in the space of 2 weeks. I just can’t see him looking like a fairy horse, when his overriding attributes are a large belly and matching bum.

I’m feeling very jaded today. I woke from a bad dream in the early hours and couldn’t get back to sleep. It wasn’t a nightmare, just one of those dreams that conjured up old memories. My late horse, Jason,  was in the dream and also my husband’s old horse, Jack, who was sold some years ago. Jasper was in the dream too, and I laid in bed, quiet and still, feeling sad that Jasper must miss his ‘dad’ and ‘uncle’ just as much as I do. Then there was an almighty crash, followed by snorting; it was Jasper throwing the tools around that are stacked just outside his stable door. I went outside to him and he was distressed and unsettled. Each time I tried to leave him, he got upset, so I’m stood shivering with bare legs and a coffee, soothing an agitated, heavy horse. For two hours.

The dawn chorus eventually came and I sneaked off back to bed, wondering if Jasper had the same dream as me. Funny things are horses; there’s a certain mystery about them and a ‘knowing’ that can be quite uncanny at times.