What a peculiar life I lead at times. I have 3 jobs and each have been busy this week. Firstly, I’m slave to the Barrister’s Horse – he does the thinking, executive job, making all the important business decisions, I just follow orders and do the labouring, menial, getting your hands dirty stuff. Secondly, I’m an admin assistant for my hubby’s work. This exciting (*cough*) second career involves mountains of correcting hubby’s typing preparation and printing of electrical reports. Thirdly, I like to keep my hand in with the law stuff, so regularly take on projects that I immediately regret, once I realise it’s an area of law that I know bugger all about. This minor set-back is hindered by my lack of legal resources. When I was studying, I had endless research resources at my fingertips; extensive law libraries and electronic databases. Now I have to make do with my dated law books and begging downloads from barrister friends.

So, following a busy week, it was back to the usual weekend routine and Jasper’s morning visit to Church. The Church car park has a litter bin that’s lined with a crinkly bin liner. For a long time, Jasper was afraid of the bin and the noise the crinkly bin liner made. He would avoid the ‘bin monster’ like the plague. Unfortunately, he has gotten used to the bin and has even grown to love it. I did point out to Jasper this morning, that rummaging around in a litter bin and licking the inside of a discarded McDonald’s cup, wasn’t conduct befitting of a barrister’s horse, but he just ignored me and carried on. It’s okay though, I don’t think anyone saw us, so the secret is safe:-)

The pine dining table is finished and I’ll be putting some pictures on the blog tomorrow. As contemplated, I plumped for Farrow & Ball ‘Dove Tale’, which is one of my favourite shades.

Pics to follow…