You may remember that I painted the kitchen last Winter. It was long overdue, being dated and drab, chipped and well, just plain embarrassing. And whilst speaking of embarrassing, my bathroom is equally as un-stylish. It was painted in the early 90’s, when we first moved here, then I painted it again a short while later. I used a flat beige on the wood panel walls, which I then thought looked boring, so jazzed it up with scumble glaze. It pains me to admit defeat, but let’s face it, that scumble look just isn’t coming back into fashion anytime soon, so I’ve got to do something about it. Either that, or I open the house up as a ‘What people lived like long ago‘ museum. I can see the line of trendies wandering around my ‘umble abode, sniggering at my scumble, saying “Did people really think that look was NICE?!!!”

So, decorating is contemplated; seriously contemplated. I just can’t keep telling people we don’t have bathrooms in Lincolnshire when they ask to use the loo:-)

Today was the fun bit – the pouring over paint charts bit, comparing colours and finishes. You know me by now; I’m not one for shine and using chalk paints has reiterated my love of matt. But my bathroom is very small and it gets steamy in there, so I need something durable and steam friendly. The ‘big paint company’ kitchen/bathroom paints just don’t float my boat – the colours aren’t my thing (would you want a ‘Primrose’ bathroom?) and the finish is too shiny. My requirements of matt, but durable (and paintable on wood) have hopefully been met with Little Greene’s Intelligent Matt Emulsion. I’ve heard good things about this paint.

I’m hoping my colour choices will receive more critical acclaim than when I painted the lounge. I spent days comparing various shades of cream, before choosing one called ‘African Ivory’. The walls were duly painted in that really exotic and beautiful shade of cream, carefully chosen, so as to be tasteful, yet unique.  My Mum came to visit shortly after I’d finished decorating, walked in the lounge and said “You can’t go wrong with Magnolia can you“.

I haven’t ordered the paint yet, but it’s looking as though a pale, muted, duck egg called ‘Drizzle’ will be used on the wood panelling, with a warm ‘greige’ shade on the skirting boards and door. I’ve got some Farrow & Ball ‘Dove Tale’ and also ‘Elephant’s Breath’, that I use to paint furniture, so one of those will do nicely for the Eggshell bits. My house is 1960’s built and Little Greene do some nice retro colours from that era. I pondered over a duck egg shade called ‘Brighton’, which is a 60’s shade, but thought it might look too bright in such a small room, so ‘Drizzle’ is the flavour of today, but it might all change by tomorrow…


The blinds that I have up in the bathroom are in keeping with the current decor (yup, very shabby), so they will be replaced with something new. I’d love to have a bash at making Roman blinds, but I just don’t think time will allow it. With just 2 days planned for the sanding, priming and painting, I can’t see that there will be any spare hours for sewing.

So, that’s my plan. Two days off work. I’ve had no time off for the past couple of years – I fully expected work to go quiet in the New Year, allowing me to grab a few days, but (thankfully) it didn’t and it still hasn’t, but it’s time to take time before the house starts falling to pieces and people start gossiping about Lincolnshire houses not having a bathroom:-)

Embarrassing ‘before’ pics may just make it onto the blog – we all need a giggle now and then:-)