The two day bathroom refurb – er, let’s just say it’s taking a tad longer than expected.

The windows to this house are as old as the house, so that’s 50+ years old. It’s my belief that the windows have remained intact all this time due to an innovative and carefully executed plan of preservation, also known as ‘plonking on as many layers of paint as possible’. So, my first job of quickly sanding back the bathroom window frames, turned into scraping off the multiple layers of paint, right back to the bare metal (yup, my house has metal window frames). I could have just sanded I suppose, but all that build up of paint looked untidy and bumpy. The last paint job to the window frames, a couple of years ago, was carried out by my husband, who decided (and yes, this is true) to use white Hammerite. He didn’t bother sanding or priming, and the result looked like curdled milk, bumpy curdled milk at that. So Day One was spent getting rid of all that lot.

Day Two entailed a bit of filling and a lot of priming, then the lovely job of washing down the ceiling and walls. Alas, the spider sanctuary at the back of the sink is no more. By the end of the two days, the bathroom looked decidedly worse than when I’d started and believe me, that took some doing.

Since then, I’ve been doing a little each day and have painted the windows, skirting boards and door in Farrow & Ball ‘Dove Tale’. I’m about half way there with the walls, but like many refurb jobs, the ‘to do’ list is growing faster than the ‘done’ list. Hubby asked me what I was doing about the tiling and I got all defensive, saying they looked fine. They don’t, so I’ve decided to get rid of them and put something different in their place. It’ll look great if the images in my mind’s eye turn out half as good in reality.

Then there’s the matter of Roman blinds. I can’t find what I want, so it looks like I’ll be making some, or at least some little curtains, depending how my patience holds out towards the end.

I have taken some before and during pics, but I think they will have to wait until the bathroom has progressed a little more. At the moment, it’s quite difficult to see any improvement!

The rather large Wooster Silvertip paintbrush that I bought myself for my birthday has been christened. It was too large for most of my furniture, but has been very useful on the wood panels on the bathroom walls.

Hopefully by the time I do my next blog post, the bathroom will be finished and there will be some nice pics of an inexpensive refurb.