Work has gotten in the way of the bathroom decorating – I keep doing a little bit each day, but it’s slow progress. I’m sick of the sight of a topsy turvy bathroom, so hope to make better progress in the next few days. Once the painting is finished, I can at least get the room straight and work on the tiling replacements and blinds without causing (too much) chaos.

I’ve had quite a few custom orders to do recently and was particularly taken with some red knobs I made for a customer:

Vintage advertisement knobs in red

Vintage advertisement knobs in red

Wouldn’t mind some of those myself; I like a pop of red here and there. Please ignore the dirty hands and thumbnail, they’re an occupational hazard:-)

The furniture painting is on hold and each time I see a little window of space coming up, more work flows in and it gets put on the back burner. I’ve decided to get rid of some of the big furniture-in-waiting; it’s been waiting for months and months and there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. With work space at a premium, it makes sense to free up some storage and work space. Quite when I get around to tackling the removals is another matter; I keep putting it off, as I know all the lifting will hurt.

Jasper is sulking this evening. We’ve had rain, so he hasn’t had his little evening garden party – the one where he scoffs my lawn and wrecks the place, whilst I sit and watch him, ignoring the irate outbursts from the neighbour. Jasper has taken to eating the neighbour’s climbing rose and has a particular liking for the full bloom roses. He leans over the garden fence and helps himself to the prize blooms. I did explain patiently to my neighbour that the rose is technically Jasper’s. I bought the rose as a wedding gift for my neighbours and Jasper kindly provides the manure to feed said rose. Alas, neighbour doesn’t quite see it that way and runs out of his kitchen shouting “ Your *ucking horse”. We remain dignified and ignore him:-)

One of the swallows that nested in Jasper’s stable last year has returned this year, but without a mate. It sits on the beam in the middle of the stable, scowling down on us and occasionally dive bombing me. I don’t know who I feel the more sorry for; Jasper for getting bird poo all over his back, or the swallow for being gassed daily by Jasper’s Spring grass and climbing rose flatulence. 

Pics of bathroom to follow some time this year…