Don’t ask about the bathroom:-) Maybe tomorrow…

I had an email from WordPress telling me that the blog is 2 years old; how time flies! And how things have changed and are still changing. The business has taken on a momentum of its own and I huff and puff along, trying desperately to keep up. It’s nice to be busy, but the past week has been manic. The house is a tip, the garden’s a mess, the aforementioned bathroom is a half painted bombsite. Apart from that, everything’s going along in an organised and precisely managed manner (*cough*).

I’ve been determined to make a go of this business, if only to restore some faith in my abilities. Having failed to get a pupillage, my confidence took a kicking and I wanted to prove to myself that I could make a go of things. I didn’t apply for any pupillages this year; I’ve put a lot of work into this business and I can’t face going back to square one again with another career. And there’s the money too; most pupillages are poorly paid and I just can’t face being flat broke again.

So, I have plans in motion, to develop the business a bit more and I’ll share more when things have progressed a little more. In the meantime, I’ll keep huffing and puffing and hope to share my secrets in a few months time.