In between my usual, daily work routine, I had a bit of time to spare. And the weather was nice, so I had a rummage in the paint shack and pulled out an item that’s been lurking in there for ages and ages. It’s a vintage wooden box, with compartments and a carrying handle, that had been used for carpentry bits and bobs. I blogged about it a while back, but never got around to actually working on it. Here’s the pic I posted way back when:

nov 041

And here’s how it looks now:


It was a quick little refurb and I enjoyed sitting out in the sunshine, doing something different. The biggest job was getting all the little compartments clean; I finished up blasting them with the hosepipe on jet wash, then quickly dried them out, so as not to warp the wood. The woodwork had a light sand, just enough to freshen, without removing all the character. Then there was a bit of colouring in without going over the edges.

The herb box is one of a pair, but the other one will have to wait until I’ve got another hour or two to spare.