He’s been at it again. Here is the fruit of my Dad’s labour:

Pine dining table, painted in Farrow & Ball 'Cream'.

Pine dining table, painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Cream’.

012010This pine table is a little larger than the previous one Dad made, the top is thicker and the legs are chunkier. The base has been painted in Farrow & Ball ‘Cream’ Estate Eggshell. I can’t believe that the grass is turning yellow (see pics), after just a few days of sunshine. I’m sure that a shower or two will be on their way soon, as it’s been quite cold in Lincolnshire today.

I was hoping to clear some time tomorrow to make a start on 2 Roman Blinds for the bathroom, but hubby has reminded me that there are several electrical test reports that need formatting and printing off. Great! 😦 Maybe Friday, one Friday… this year(ish)…

Jasper has loads of horrid sores on his legs and ‘bits’. The flies have been particularly troublesome again, but today’s cool weather has given my boy chance to heal a little. I’ve been using Savlon on the bites; it’s one of the few products that doesn’t irritate him, but it’s just not working too well. I did a bit of research and have bought a large tube of thrush cream to try on his ‘bits’. I couldn’t face going to the chemist’s and asking for the biggest tube they had, so ordered it over the internet instead:-) A few years ago, I bought a product from the chemist to use on his itchy mane and tale. I requested a big bottle and wondered at the raised eyebrows that came my way; later discovering that the product is mainly used for crabs:-)

And just a quick update. Following on from my previous blog post, I had an email from Autentico today, to say that their Facebook page has been reinstated.