My blog has been bombarded with spam lately, so I’ve been deleting the lot en masse.

I took the time to go through today’s spam folder and there were some genuine comments in there, which leads me to think that I’ve probably deleted quite a few of your comments over the past few weeks. Apologies if I have, it’s nothing personal, just WordPress being over zealous with the comments and me not taking the time to go through them.

Whilst I’m on the subject of apologies. I’ve had quite a few emails regarding my Furniture Painting Courses. I’m trying to clear way to hold at least one or two early Autumn, but have no dates fixed yet. I enjoy teaching on the Courses, but work has been relentless lately, so I’m reluctant to fix dates until things steady off a little. If my work continues to be busy, I doubt that I’ll be holding Courses in 2014, but will try and fulfill the outstanding demand as best I can for this year.

Back to painting…