Following on from my previous post regarding spam mail. The spammers just seem to know my each and every failing. I’ve had numerous offers of shoe lifts, wrinkle cream and diet coffee. Okay, so I’m a short-arse, who’s seen better days and who also likes food. I’m comfortable in my skin, so please leave me alone:-)

I’d made known to hubby that I was having a day off on Saturday (today). Yesterday, I got all his electrical test results sorted out and printed off. I went to Church with Jasper this morning, then strolled through the village for a while, on the way to the paddock. I strolled back, strolled in, strolled to the kettle, flicked it on, strolled through to the lounge and then the strolling stopped. The floor was littered with the electrical test reports and hubby informed me that two were missing, two were wrong and he wasn’t sure about a few others. I reminded hubby that today was my day off, a day put aside for a Roman Blind making extravaganza. After some huffing and puffing (from hubby), he realised that he was wasting his time, so tidied them up.

I enthusiastically grabbed the two old Roman blinds, to use as templates for the brand spanking, glorious new ones I was about to make. I stared at them for a while, then made coffee. I stared at them a while more. The caffeine wasn’t helping. I scratched my head, made more coffee and decided to have yoghurt… and a banana. The yoghurt, banana and more caffeine made no difference whatsoever, and hubby sniggered (I ignored him). So after staring at the blinds a little longer, I got my tape measure, took their width measurements and here comes the really technical bit… I went to Dunelm Mill and bought some.

In actual fact I only bought one Roman blind, for the small window. The blind was £30. A matching 4ft one for the larger window was £60, so I bought a cheap n cheerful roller blind for £12.99 instead. The ‘quick and easy’ assembly took about 2 hours, because we had to shorten the width of the roller blind. I’m not exactly over the moon with it, but the bathroom decorating is meant to be on a shoe string budget and I hadn’t planned spending anything on window dressings, because I already had various pieces of fabric which would have been suitable for homemade blinds.

Had I not called at the vets before going shopping, I dare say the £60 blind would have been bought, but… Jasper’s legs and ‘bits’ have gotten infected from the fly bites. He’s sore, scabby and uncomfortable. I gave him a tail wash and a really good wash down last night, and decided that he needed more than off the shelf remedies; his sores were looking angry and bloody. I’ve got a modest pot of cream from the vet. The cost? Just a mere £55. Oh well, rather a healthy horse, than a 4ft Roman blind.

Now comes the exciting bit, that will either look great or naff. The bathroom walls are wood panelled and there’s only a 12″ gap between bath and panelling. The mosaic tiles, which I put there many moons ago are looking jaded and a bit frumpy. But because it’s a small space, I’m limited to what can go in there, to act as a splash back. I’ve decided to do a wood panel with some writing on it; perhaps an advert for an old fashioned bath house. It’ll be coated with yacht varnish to make it water repellent. In my mind’s eye it looks great, but we’ll see!

And then it’s just the floor, which has had a slight accident. I fell off the toilet… whilst painting. I was stood on my little plastic stool, painting the top corners of the walls behind the loo. I couldn’t quite reach, so put one foot on the loo seat, leaned forward and whoosh, a paint pot and I made a crash landing. There was rather a lot of paint to mop up from here, there and everywhere and I jarred my back, so felt incredibly sorry for myself. So now I need a new carpet too. I know there’s a thing about not having carpets in bathrooms, but the floor is very uneven, with a mish mash of floor boards, so carpet is the only reasonable solution.

Maybe next week I’ll be ready to reveal the before and after pics… Bear with me, it gets better.