My husband has played an ever increasing role in the Barrister’s Horse. Despite my constant criticisms and bad taste jokes, at his expense, I have to (begrudgingly)  admit that he does come in rather handy at times. However, I’ve been without his assistance for a few weeks, as he’s on a sabbatical, doing electrical work at a couple of schools for the duration of the Summer holidays.

This time last year I had a lull, so expected the same this year. I was quite looking forward to the anticipated lull and planned pottering around the paddock, pulling the odd weed here and there and talking to Jasper. The morning’s pottering was to be followed by a nice snoozums in the afternoons, with perhaps 10 minutes of ‘power cleaning’ just before hubby was due home (wash the pots, mop the floor and swear blind you’ve spent the day doing housework). Yes, I was to be a part-time dosser, living off my husband’s sweat.

So much for my little schemes. It’s been busy. The bathroom thing is on hold until September (no I’m not going to say which September:-)), but I have got the splashback finished; it just needs fitting, but it’s going to have to wait:

001 002

So, I have another 2 or 3 weeks of slog before hubby is back, chained to the workbench. I’m hoping my hands will hold out, but they’re not looking good, despite dollops of creams and potions:


Come September, I’m hoping to make a start on some alterations at home. An outbuilding needs a new door and some tidying up (and maybe a new roof!), before being converted into additional work space. It’s going to take a lot of effort, but should make things easier once it’s done.

No rest for the wicked it seems…