I know, I know, it’s been ages, but as the title suggests, there’s been very little to blog about. There’s lots of bits and bobs that I’m working on, but I’m having to squeeze them in as and when, so it’s a painfully slow process. I’ve given up on any sort of schedule for my new stuff; it’ll happen when I’ve got time, and if I haven’t got time, then so be it.

It’s my birthday today, so I’ve had the day off. I went out to lunch with my husband, followed by a trip to the horse feed supplier to stock up on food for Jasper. His Lordship has decided that he doesn’t like hay anymore, so I’m having to buy haylage, which is a souped-up, fermented version of hay. Needless to say, haylage is more expensive than hay and Jasper just loves it. I put the haylage in a hay net with very small holes, intended to slow down the eating process. After 30 minutes of silence, there’s crashing and banging as Jasper lets me know that the slow release hay net has mysteriously emptied itself and needs re-filling. He leans out the stable door and grabs any of the forks and stable tools he can reach, then tosses them across the yard. Thursday night was particularly noisy and after the third tool throwing tantrum, I moved them out of reach, so he tipped up the (full and large) muck barrow instead.

In a cunning plan to slow down the haylage consumption, I mix the haylage with hay to trick His Lordship into eating both. He throws the hay onto his bed or out the stable door, leaving not a morsel of haylage in sight. I like to think of it as a game of chess; Jasper thinks of it as a football match at full time: Jasper 1 – Jackie 0 .

During my time in the work wilderness, there has been one design that I’ve managed to finish and there’s a giveaway of not one, but a pair of extra large, vintage style, Moustache Wax knobs. They are 52mm in diameter, so suitable for something large or chunky. Predominantly grey, the knobs go well with most neutral shades:

Moustache Wax knob

Moustache Wax knob

So, if you fancy a pair of quirky Moustache Wax knobs, leave me a comment, describing the item of furniture you would use the knobs on, and I’ll pick a winner at the end of November. Please don’t leave your name and address on the blog – if you win I’ll contact you by private email to get your postal address etc. The knobs aren’t too heavy to post, so this giveaway is open to all and sundry, not just Brits.

And just in case you’re worried – I don’t pass on any of your details to third parties and don’t use your email details for promotional purposes.

Good luck!