Out with the old and in with the new! Never has a phrase been so apt. So far 2014 has seen quite a lot of out with the (not so) old. Jasper has managed to trash 3 rugs this year and we’re only 5 days in. He’s not usually a serial rug wrecker and some of his rugs have been around for years, which is just as well given that they just don’t make em like they used to. My boy is quite broad across the beam and his chest is mighty too. Modern rugs seem to be modelled on the equine version of Victoria Beckham, not on proper ‘os proportions such as Jasper’s.

Take one: His Lordship managed to burst the chest straps off a waffle rug that I bought him a few months ago. Along with the (now) strapless chest effect, came a mighty tear along the wither seam. I found HL naked in the stable, with his rug buried in the shavings bedding.

Take two: His purple stripey fleece has had an accident, well two accidents actually. Jasper managed to rip the fleece down the side where the surcingle straps are sewn. I mended it and the following day, he had ripped the rug in the same place again, but this time the tear is twice as long.

Take three: His other purple fleece has had the exact same accident as the purple stripey fleece. It is hung up awaiting repair or the dustbin.

I’m not quite sure what’s been going on with the rugs as all the accidents have happened during the night, but Jasper has decided it’s Spring and he’s moulting for England. I’d hazard a guess that he’s been having a good old scratch against the walls of the stable and things have gotten a little out of hand.

As a precaution, I took Jasper’s fleece off at bedtime last night, as I was worried he’d get tangled up in the rug and injure himself. And then this morning I felt very guilty because it was rather chilly!

It’s all well and good this rug wrecking, but I have a job to get rugs to fit Jasper. I did manage to buy him a UK made Fal turnout rug a couple of months ago, but it hadn’t been worn until today, because the weather’s been too mild for the ample filling. I’m pleased to say that at lunchtime the new rug was still intact, but I’m not holding my breath. Here he is, sporting his latest little number:

Jasper 017

Jasper 023

As you can see, Lincolnshire is rather wet and muddy at the moment!

Whilst on the subject of ‘in with the new’. I’ve been busy working on some new designs. I started work last year on some backgrounds for a fairy themed set of designs, and then it got busy, so the designs were shelved. However, I’ve just finished the first design.

I got my inspiration for the design from this old oak tree that’s next to our paddock:

Photo0372 (2)

We have lots of photos of the tree, as the sunset behind it can be spectacular, especially when it’s pink:


We don’t have many trees in Lincolnshire, so big old oaks are quite special and they exude such a lot of character, what with their gnarled and twisted branches. I like the branch that spreads out to the left and made a sketch of something similar:


The branch seemed the perfect place for a fairy to sit and scatter moon dust upon the fields beyond:


I hope you like her? Make a wish for 2014; there’s magical moon dust around, so you never know your luck:-)

One design down, several more to go…