I had in mind a unicorn to go with the fairy designs I’ve been working on. Of course I just had to use Jasper as my model, so took a look through some photographs that I’ve got of the boy. This one took my fancy:


I like the shape of Jasper in this picture and the way that he’s standing, with his well muscled frame outlined, looking serene and relaxed.

Not too sure about the dodgy woman stood with him though; I’ll need quite a lot of artistic license to turn her into a fairy! I mean have you ever seen a fairy wearing 3 huge fleeces on top of one another, baggy jeans and steel toecaps? Me neither. And just look at the state of her hair; anyone would think she’d spent the afternoon bathing the horse, oblivious to the fact that her own appearance left much to be desired. (And just in case your wondering, I don’t bath Jasper in cold weather, it’s just that I’m an ice maiden and 3 fleeces is just about right for me when it’s 70 degrees).

Anyway, here is the end result. Jasper needed no improving of course and I just had a little nip-tuck here and there:-)


I’m all fairied out now, so it’s time to move onto something new.