The ‘one for me’ is a first. It pains me to say this (and I hadn’t even realised it until I thought about it), but I’ve never had a new sofa. We’ve inherited cast offs over the years in various styles and colours, none of which would be my ideal choice. The last sofa was a disaster from start to finish and I blame my hubby entirely because he bought it. It’s large and leather and not my kinda thing at all; firstly because I don’t like leather sofas and secondly because it’s so big that I can’t sit all the way back on it, so I sit perched forward in a position that gives me back ache. I gave up sitting on the sofa a few years ago, it was just so uncomfortable. Hubby pretended he liked it for a year or two, but the growing congregation of cushions gave the game away – yup he too found it uncomfortable.

So, I was just doing a little on-line window shopping for a new throw and somehow got sidetracked. Hubby asked what I was looking at and I told him it was a sofa, adding that he wouldn’t like it. He peered over my shoulder and said he did like it (a bit of reverse psychology always does the trick:-)). And that was that. We were given some money for Christmas, which I’d kept to go towards something for the house and the little sofa seemed the perfect thing, so I bought it. It’s not in situ yet, but should be here in a couple of weeks or so. Here’s what I bought:

patchwork sofa

I’d looked at some lovely velvet chesterfield sofas, but really liked the Boho look of this patchwork one. It suits my lifestyle (er, lived in plus a bit more) and the colours will be a little more forgiving to the bits of hay and wood shavings that I tend to drag in from the stable.

I also bought an oven cleaning kit which unfortunately arrived promptly, but there was no house maid with it to complete the task. Pah, I’ll get around to it one of these rainy days… maybe.

Now for the ‘one for you’. I haven’t any pictures yet, but will grab some shortly. It’s a new design. A kitchen island with very chunky barley twist legs. My dad and hubby are doing the carpentry and I’ll do the painting. We’ve been discussing it for weeks and the first one is being assembled. The base is finished, but the top has got to go on, then the legs and apron will be painted. Although I’ve seen the components, I haven’t seen the work in progress and as usual, I feel a little apprehensive. My dad and hubby conspire against me at times and I’m no good at the “oh it’s lovely” when it’s not what I had in mind. There may be some awkward silences to follow:-)

I’ll post some pics of the prototype kitchen island over the next few days.

Now for some sleep…