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As promised, I grabbed a photograph of the new sofa:

Velvet Patchwork Boho Sofa

Velvet Patchwork Boho Sofa

It looks REALLY bling in the pic, but in reality the effect is more subtle and I’ve got a grey throw that sits in the middle section to tone it down and offer a little protection from mud splattered clothing. The rain has taken its toll on my paddock and the clay soil has turned to deep mud. Poor Jasper is fed up with wading through the boggy pasture, but I keep telling him things will improve soon.

I’ve been working on some new designs called The Twitterati – posh birdcages and birds, set against aged paper backgrounds. Here they are:

The Twitterati - decorative birdcages, 45mm knob

The Twitterati – decorative birdcages, 45mm knob

My next designs of some British wildlife will take time to get right and I’m going to have to brush up on my drawing skills.

The kitchen island is finished and I’ll post some pics when the weather is fit to lift it out of the workshop.

Have a good weekend:-)