The kitchen island took longer than anticipated because of various hold ups, not least the cold weather. It’s no fun standing in a cold workshop trying to fathom out the design of a piece of furniture, so the island has been worked on in a piecemeal fashion.

Kitchen Island painted in Farrow & Ball 'French Gray'

Kitchen Island painted in Farrow & Ball ‘French Gray’

003If there’s interest in the kitchen island, we’ll be making more throughout the year as and when time allows.

My workshop has acquired a resident – a stray cat. Two black and white cats were hanging around the stable at Christmas and I suspected they’d been thrown out, but checked around the neighbours just to make sure no-one owned them. No-one did, but they vanished before I had a chance to contact the RSPCA. Then a third black and white cat appeared one day when I threw out some stale Christmas cake out for the birds. Each time I’ve put food out for the birds, the cat has appeared from nowhere and greedily grabbed the morsels before running off to eat them.

The cat has taken to sleeping in my little hay shed and despite my intentions of ignoring it and hoping it would go and find another home, today I capitulated and gave it a tin of fish. I couldn’t stand the constant meowing and pitiful glances whilst I was trying to tidy the workshop, so gave in. My hubby has just appeared with a dozen tins of cat food to keep the moggy fed for a few days, but I will have to call the RSPCA next week and sort something out. The cat bears a resemblance to the other two that were hanging around at Christmas, so I guess someone dumped all 3 siblings before heading off somewhere warm and cosy for the festivities. I hope the bastards got indigestion, stinking colds and rotten Christmas presents. How do they sleep at night?


On a lighter note, the weather looks to be improving and I can’t wait for some milder weather. Roll on Spring.