Just a quick update on the little cat that’s had a temporary home at Barrister’s Horse Towers. The ‘big name’ charities have been less than helpful; I’ll say no more!


I’m more than a little concerned about the little cat. I know nothing about all things feline, but this little cat is just too lethargic. I understand that cats can be lazy, but she (I think it’s a she?) never plays or runs around at all. Instead she just eats, then rests, seldom leaving the area at the bottom of my garden. Yesterday she sat on the step to the workshop for most of the day, happy with the sunshine and my hubby’s company. When I went out with coffee, the little cat came over to rub against my legs, then wandered off to sit down again.

She’s an unhappy, timid little soul. At first I assumed her lethargy was due to living rough for a time, with little food, but she’s been well fed for the past week or so, yet still seems no brighter. There are no obvious signs of illness and her eyes are bright, yet there’s something amiss. The blackbirds were busy pulling up worms and squabbling amongst themselves in the garden this afternoon, no more than a few metres from little cat, yet she showed no interest in them and they didn’t fear her presence.

I had to pick up some medication for Jasper today and mentioned the cat’s plight to the veterinary nurse, who gave me the details for a local shelter. I rang the shelter and told them all about the little cat and if I can catch her, I’ll be taking her over there tomorrow. I feel quite relieved, but also more than a little guilty.

Little cat will make someone a lovely companion – she’d suit an elderly person, someone quiet and gentle and steady. I hope she finds that person. But first, I have to locate the little cat. She’s seldom been out of sight for the past week, but a big, mean looking cat was stalking around the garden this afternoon and I haven’t seen her since!