I’m not sure whether this is the third or the fourth attempt at painting a radiogram and then actually keeping it to use as a TV stand. They are ideal to use for televisions because the front panel lifts down, so that DVD players can be tucked away. They are the ideal size too, at around 1 metre wide.

I promised my hubby that I’d paint one (for us) about 3 years ago and it was one of the first projects that I blogged about. He’s a patient man and since then two or three others have come and gone. Hopefully this one is for keeps:

tv stand

As you can see it hasn’t been started yet – in actual fact it’s not even in situ yet. I’m hoping to make a start on it before the end of the month, otherwise it’ll end up in the back of the workshop and remain there until Dooms Day.

I’m torn between black or grey at the moment. The panel at the front has no handle, but it does pull down, so I’ll be putting something there. The two little drawers are for DVD’s – I guess they will be crammed full unless we have a clear out.

Following on from my previous blog post. You might be wondering about the little cat that took up temporary residence at the bottom of my garden. Well, I loaned a travel cage/basket from someone in the village and put it down in the garden for the cat to inspect. Some tasty morsels tempted her inside and she seemed to think it was okay.

I wanted to take her to the cat shelter on Wednesday, but she was nowhere to be found and by the time she turned up it was too late. On Thursday she went in the basket, but I had no transport, then on Friday we had a bit of a fright. An enormous ginger tom cat appeared. He was feral, with a huge wound on his back, huge puffy cheeks and an arrogant, fearless demeanor. He was oversized, over sexed and over here. He swaggered around the bottom of the garden, squeezing his oversized frame inside the little cat basket, then sat on the workshop step where the little cat usually sits. He looked quite pleased with himself, then limped off into the wilderness at the back of my garden.

I went to look for little cat and quickly got her tucked up inside the basket, then whisked her off to the shelter. The woman at the shelter gave little cat the once over and said that she (yes, she’s a she) is about a year old and in fair nick. Little cat was due to go to the vets to see if she was micro-chipped and/or spayed. I’m doubtful on both points, particularly the latter after the tom cat came to visit.

I guess the little cat’s lethargy was due to fear, hunger and bewilderment. Once food was on the go, I think she was hesitant to leave it, just in case it disappeared.


Hubby and I spoke about her quite a lot over the weekend. We contemplated building a cat kennel in the workshop and going to the shelter to bring her back, but ultimately decided that it would be best if she could find a ‘proper’ home. I’ll give it a few more days, then call to see how she is and if a new home has been found.

And as for His Lordship: Having been concerned about Jasper’s weight loss over the Winter, he’s suddenly expanded quite a lot! I guess there must be a bit of Spring grass sprouting through as I had to let out the straps on his stable rug last night. Maybe it just shrunk all by itself whilst hanging on the door… a bit like my jeans really 🙂