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I’ve made a start on the vintage radiogram that I bought to reinvent as a TV/media cabinet. The prompt commencement of the refurbishment came about due to a nagging husband (so much for my previous post when I praised his patience in waiting three years for a replacement of our old one). Here’s the radiogram in its original state; it is nice, but sadly outdated:

Vintage Radiogram

Vintage Radiogram

I’ve removed the somewhat plain brass handles and will replace them with something that has a little more ‘bling’. I bought 8 handles at auction a couple of years ago and will be using 2 of them for the little drawers. But they are a little too bling for my liking, being bright gold. So I’ve toned them down a bit by painting them black, then distressing them to allow just glimpses of the gold to show through:


The pic below shows one of the handles before painting and as you can see, it’s very gold and very shiny:


The radiogram has had just one coat of Autentico ‘Nearly Black’ so far and the pic below is very much a work in progress:


The paint has been applied very thinly as I don’t want a lot of texture.

There are shell details on the corners of the Queen Anne legs which I want to show off a little, so I painted them over with a wash of white, whilst the black paint was still wet. They look mess now, but once the second coat is on they should be nicely accentuated:

Trust me, it'll get better.

Trust me, it’ll get better.

I did the painting whilst my husband was out and he glimpsed at  the radiogram when he came home, sighed and said “You’ll bloody sell it won’t you“? I just smiled.