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We have an old Ikea sofa with an embarrassing problem.

The lounge has a bedroom above it and the bedroom has a radiator. The radiator sprung a leak and the rusty water came through the lounge ceiling, sprinkling down onto the old cream Ikea sofa. The sofa looks like an incontinent person has sat on it, so it has a throw on it at all times!

As the new patchwork sofa is a bit ott, I wanted something grey, but not boring for the Ikea sofa and bought a grey scale Union Jack throw a couple of weeks ago. And you know what it’s like, the cushions didn’t match the new throw, so I bought a couple of new covers in mostly greys, but then couldn’t find a third one that I liked.

Hunting through my fabric remnants, I came across a piece of Salcombe Rose fabric, but it was a bit too twee to go with the two new cushion covers. So I decided to put a faded clock face in one corner, just to make it look a bit more ‘me’ and then made a cushion cover with the altered remnant:

028 033


Okay, so it’s not exactly posh, but this house doesn’t stand on ceremony – it’s a working home, so comfy and quirky suits me just fine.

The radiogram is finished… I’ll post some pics when the wax has dried off, but here’s a preview of some bits of it:

016 020

I called in at the animal shelter yesterday and the little cat is doing okay. She has been spayed and wormed and now awaits a new home. The lady at the shelter thinks she will have a problem finding a new home for her, as no-one wants long haired, black and white cats and she has 3 of them all awaiting new homes. My husband is trying to convince me that, as well as a CEO (Jasper), the business also needs a Pest Control Officer. I’m not convinced… yet.