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Having spent the past 3+ years painting and refurbishing for others, my own home has been neglected. I’ve ignored it for much of the time, but there comes a point when a really good ‘sorty out’ is needed.

Bit by bit, I’m trying to turn the house around and make it more stylish and pleasant. It’s never going to be a show home and to be honest, that’s not how I want to live – ever fearful of making a mess or dropping a few crumbs. But it’s time to have a bit of a Spring Clean and a good old clear out. And what better day to start:



Those aren’t daisies in the garden, they’re hailstones! The storm came just as we were loading stuff on the van, ready to take to the tip. It soon passed and the thinning out recommenced.

The new tv stand/radiogram is in place. My husband was clearing out the old one this morning when I came home from taking Jasper out – he was convinced I’d sell it if he didn’t stake a claim to it:-)


Here’s the whitewashed shell carvings:

Trust me, it'll get better.

Trust me, it’ll get better.

Here’s how they turned out:



I painted over the whitewash with Nearly Black, leaving the crevices, then rubbed it back to let a little of the washed out white show through.

I’ve bought a couple of shelving units for the workshop, so that’s being tidied up and streamlined too. But the weather needs to improve a little before I dare to move things outside whilst the new shelves are assembled. So that’ll be July then…