I mentioned in my last post that my paddock was a wilderness. It had stood empty since last August and the grass and weeds had gotten out of control. Enter 24 sheep to do a clean up job. The sheep belong to a farmer and are with me until the paddock is bare, or the weather turns, whichever is the sooner.

The sheep are various breeds: Texel’s, Jacob’s et al. The Jacob’s are characters; they’re completely wild and untameable unless you have a bucket in your hand… and then you can’t get rid of them. I wanted to get some decent photos of them today as I quite fancy doing a watercolour of them, but they weren’t playing ball (I had no bucket) and went all aloof on me:

sheep 009 sheep 011

sheep 021

Floppy on the other hand is too busy eating to be bothered about anything; alas her waistline is evidence of her laid back attitude to life and she resembles a little barrel:

sheep 020

sheep 019

A rather cute little barrel:-) She is the farmer’s daughter’s lamb and as you can see she is very tame.

So my painting of  Jacob sheep shall have to wait until another day when I’ve got a bucket in my hand and can get close-up shots of their cheeky faces. Or I might just paint a Rubenesque Floppy instead. I wonder if there’s a market for obese sheep art? 🙂